Let's Talk about Palestine

"Let's Talk about Palestine: Weaving a Fabric of Understanding and Compassion"

The Bukjeh team continued its efforts to organize various events to keep the conversation about Palestine alive. Last Saturday, November 11, they held a healing event titled “Let’s Talk about Palestine” at the Next Wave Festival in Sydney. The event included a range of activities designed to promote dialogue and understanding, such as storytelling, artistic activities, poster-making, traditional Islamic vocal music (Anasheed), and face painting.

Through these initiatives, the Bukjeh Society aims to create a safe and supportive space for the community to meet, share stories, and engage in meaningful conversations about the situation in Palestine. Participants are encouraged to recognize the importance of open dialogue and awareness in promoting peace and justice in Palestine.

Despite the world often being divided in times like these, the success of these activities serves as a testament to the strength and cohesion of the community, showcasing the power of activism and love in fostering positive change. It sends a clear message of weaving understanding and compassion and amplifying the collective voice for the entire world to hear.