Let's Talk about Palestine
Palestinian Flag

"Let's Talk about Palestine: Weaving a Fabric of Understanding and Compassion"

Under the title “Let’s Talk about Palestine: Weaving a Fabric of Understanding and Compassion,” Bukjeh organizes a series of solidarity events with the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Despite the distance exceeding 13,000 km between Melbourne, Australia, and Gaza City in Palestine, the warmth of emotions and spirit of solidarity have overcome geographical, political, and border barriers. Australians and the Arab community in Australia have sent a loving embrace to Palestine, specifically to Gaza.

In an impactful display of unity and activity, dozens of supporters with diverse backgrounds gathered to participate in a series of events aimed at raising and enhancing awareness for the healing of Palestine. The weekend began with a social media invitation from Aseel Tayah, a Palestinian artist residing in Melbourne and the creative director and founder of the Bukjeh Society. She invited the Melbourne community and surrounding areas to gather for a flag-bearing event around the Central Business District (CBD), which gained popularity and attendance from many enthusiastic participants, contributing to the success of the event.

The spirit of solidarity extended beyond the flag-bearing march, as a creative workshop was organized to teach the art of weaving for both children and adults. This provided an opportunity for the community to come together, share their love and support, and convey their activities and connection to Palestine and its people. The workshop encouraged participants to sit together in love and care, using weaving as a form of temporary comfort and healing. Their sentiments were dedicated to the mothers and children in Gaza, sending a clear message resonating with the attendees: “From the river to the sea, Palestine has always been and will always be.”