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Newest work by Bukjeh

BUKJEH invites you to come together to hear the unifying wisdom of four women in song, poetry and music in this premier performance of ‘Hakima’ the newest show from Bukjeh. Then join us in a delicious dinner based on lead performer Aseel Tayah’s family recipes. 

Hakima is the newest work by Bukjeh, a theatre and community arts organisation that tells the stories of home, loss and exile. Hakima, a popular Arabic name, translates to ‘Wise Woman’. In this captivating performance, local poets with roots in Africa and the Middle East come together to show solidarity with mothers in war time. Delving into the stories of survivors, mothers of survivors, mothers of martyrs and drawing on their life lessons to tell a tale of perseverance, faith and strength. 

Followed by a traditional Palestinian meal with recipes passed down through the generations. We celebrate the work of women today and every day before, in every success and every struggle, here and everywhere.

Performers: Aseel Tayah, Rania Ahmad, Manal Younus and Rahaf Ghoneim

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