Lullabies Under War


Stories of women in prisons and refugee camps.
This project is Lullabies Under War, a new cross-cultural production for adult audiences inspired by stories of mothers raising children in war situations, who are or have been living in refugee camps and prisons, and whose experiences of trauma will be retold through this production, in narrative, song and video form. The work builds on an initial creative development at Arts House that was undertaken in 2019 with Osama Sami and Nicole Chamoun and talented artists that aim to capture the lullabies that women in extreme situations sing to their children, and the stories of struggle, survival, and hope.

Lullabies Under War is a new work in development for adults, inspired by stories of mothers raising children during war, in refugee camps, or prisons. The project draws on Aseel’s own experiences of both her childhood and motherhood and is also informed by interviews collected during development. A “lullaby under war” is an intimate moment of fundamental connection, taking place amidst the chaos and division of conflict. A mother’s song to her children is a ritual, a remedy, a reinforcement of hope, and a spell summoning serenity from the same air from which bombs are falling. Lullabies Under War had an initial development at North Melbourne Arts House in 2019. The performance will be a theatrical performance of song, story and video excerpts, performed in English and Arabic.

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