In collaboration with First Nation artist Caleena Sansbury and Camile Feghali and inspired by First Nation elderly leaders Uncle Larry Walsh and Jason Tamiru

Developed with co-director and performer Caleena Sansbury, musical director Camille Feghali and inspired by First Nations elders Uncle Larry Walsh (Taungurung) and Jason Tamiru (Yorta Yorta). Originally motivated by frustration at finding activities in laguanges other than English for her own three year old in Melbourne, a city of more than 200 languages, Aseel developed Tahlilah (“Lullaby”). The stars are no longer twinkling in the sky and we need your help to sing them back to shine more brightly than ever! In this participatory performance, families connect across cultures through the simple beauty of lullabies. Children dance, sing, and play in a magical, twilight-inspired installation space.

Lullabies Under the Stars is an interactive musical show or performance playtime for children under 2 and their families. The show is built around a narrative of the stars in the sky disappearing because of a lack of joyful song from earth.

The performers introduce the audience to the space by leading the children in song and dance from Arabic and Australian Indigenous cultures; then the children are invited to explore the space, playing with colourful, nightlit activities. The show resolves when the stars return, and the audience come back together as a group and are each invited to share their own lullabies, language and ritual with everyone.

“… a beautiful participatory performance…” Tot Hot Or Not https://tothotornot.com/lullabies-under-the-skies/

“We absolutely loved this workshop – thankyou. It was ran so beautifully and the changes in activities through song, story, dance, drawing really worked well.” – audience feedback

Artplay (City of Melbourne) (as Lullabies Under the Stars)

June 2019 – Artplay (City of Melbourne) (as Lullabies Under the Stars)

April 2021 - Be Bold Festival, The Bowery Performing Arts Centre, St Albans

Tahliah is performed in a wide variety of spaces including unconventional and non-theatrical venues. We require a dedicated, clear space of at least 12m x 6m.

Audience: infants under 2 years old and their families. Audience size is restricted to a maximum capacity of 40 (adults and children). The audience I seated on the floor and the children’s activities take place at floor level.

Duration: 50 minutes

Cast: Aseel Tayah, Caleena Sansbury, Camille Feghali

Crew: x 2

Performed in Arabic, First Nations Australian languages, and English.

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