Educational Experiences

Bukjeh has been a leader in delivering educations programs throughout Australia for almost a decade.
We promote intercultural experiences for schools, early learning centers, corporate, and community organisations. Our works can be simply everywhere
We offer a range of workshops, incursions, and programs, to provides students, team members and various audiences with a meaningful and experiential connection to Australia’s diverse cultural communities.
Participants are invited to work and reflect alongside our team to create art in response to their perceptions of home, journeys, and displacement. We sing and share our stories collaborating with artists from all around the world, learning other cultures while celebrating experiences of our own.

Collaborative Process​

It all begins with an idea. Our artist-led programs of incursions and workshops engage students in a special, unique, and immersive experiential connection.
We offer interactive lesson plans in collaboration with creative teachers and leading curriculum professionals.

Intercultural experience

We have more than 15 various education programs. We run solo and group workshops, both in-person and virtual options. We build the experience on the need of the school and its diverse community.

Inclusion and Diversity

Our programs range from 45 Minutes to full-day programs delivered by artists from more than 10 countries sharing unique talents and speaking more than 15 languages.