The Singing Feast
Team Building Experience

”The Singing Feast”
Trivia, Food and Culture

Online and offline cultural experience
Unforgettable virtual cooking classes, music and Trivia to connect your team, family and friends.

A taste of our team-building experience

Zoom in to Listen to the special Arabic music, taste delicious flavors and have great fun guessing the small secrets in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Working remotely and looking for fun team-building activities around Australia? searching for virtual experience to share while working from home?

From the comfort of your kitchen, share a special cultural experience of food, stories, and trivia quiz with your friends, family, colleagues, or enjoy with like-minded others.

It is easy to love Middle Eastern Food. Creamy hummus, tasty falafel, and smoky baba ganosh – the flavors can teach you the hidden gems of cooking in the Middle East.

Many restaurants offer delicious Middle Eastern food, but have you ever wondered what secrets are woven into the dishes made with our beloved Tetta’s (Grandmother’s) recipes?

When singer and storyteller, and passionate about food Aseel, moved to Melbourne seven years ago she brought with her a passion for the art of sharing Palestinian food and entwining stories and songs into her sumptuous cooking classes.

You will create delicious food and learn to combine healthy ingredients into dishes you will remember, and revisit, for a lifetime.

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Are you planning a family gathering, a team-building event, or a thank you gift, let us help you decide.

What will you get?


All classes between $85 – $130PP
Depend on the class you choose

Suggested menu for groups (1.5h)

Starter: Smoky Baba Ghanosh dip – a delicious Middle Eastern dip of eggplant, pomegranate molasses and sumac. To eat with Peta bread as a starter.

Salad: Fattosh – This tangy salad is one of the Middle East’s greatest contributions to world culture. Crispy lettuce, crunchy fried squares of pita, such an amazing dish to share.

Main: Mujaddara- Comfort food favourite. Lentils and rice are cooked together with a combination of spices that includes a heavy dose of cumin, topped off with crispy, fried onions, which provide the perfect crunchy contrast to the soft rice and lentil blend.

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Cooking is my passion and
I love sharing it with the world…

We are more productive as a team when we rehearse for a theatre show over a delicious meal, beautiful music and fun time.

I am offering you what worked for us!

We offer special time and meaningful experience through food and we guarantee to provide you with a wonderful & memorable class.

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What People Are Saying